Chronoshift Development Team


Chronoshift was developed as part of a project by Somnitude Inc. Somnitude seeks to harness circadian rhythms to improve sleep and health. Somnitude’s first products were a line of Blue Blocking Glasses to improve sleep.

Team Lead

Amol Rao – Amol is currently completing his Masters in Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is interested in the application of engineering principles to problems related to circadian rhythms.

iOS Development / UX

Maliha Islam – Maliha is currently studying Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about technology that can have a positive impact on peoples lives, improve social connectedness or simply make people smile. She enjoys designing innovative solutions to engineering problems. Scalability, reliability and aesthetics are her favorite design values.

Android Development / Algorithm

Yash Kini – Yash is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Yash enjoys writing simple code that solves problems. He’s interested in visual media and the bassist of a band.

Chronobiology Review

Christophe Moderie – Christophe is an MD/MSc student at the Université de Montréal and former researcher at the Centre for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine. His research interests include interindividual variability in biological rhythms and sleep disorders.