Love travel, but hate jet lag? Chronoshift was designed for you.

Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, you want to arrive feeling good. But jet lag is awful. From headaches and fatigue, to indigestion and insomnia. For many, it can ruin the start of a trip.

What if you could avoid that?  What if you could arrive at your destination refreshed and fully recharged, ready for your day?

Chronoshift can help you do that.


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Learn about Chronoshift

What does Chronoshift do?

Chronoshift aims to reduce the effects of jet lag by adjusting the circadian clock to your destination time zone in the days preceding the trip.

How does Chronoshift do that?

Chronoshift takes your travel details and uses an advanced algorithm to generate an optimal sleep-wake schedule to make the transition as easy as possible.

Information such as departure / destination cities, and time available to adjust before leaving are some of the factors that Chronoshift requires.

Chronoshift generates a schedule which tells you the best times to do certain things like wake up, sleep and exercise. If you follow this schedule before leaving, you’ll have an easier time adjusting to your new destination.

Is this backed by science?

Yes absolutely! Everything we do is based on science. To learn more about the science behind Chronoshift check out a detailed description of the science.





Chronoshift Features

Beautiful Interface

The user interface is designed to be light, responsive and intuitive for anyone to navigate.

Simple Instructions 

Chronobiology and circadian science can often be complex. The schedule generated distills the output to simple prompts which indicate what the user should be doing at any given time.

Quick and Easy 

Entering in your trip details takes less than a minute. It requires only information that you already know – such as destination and current sleep timing. The only thing you have to think about is how long before your trip you’d like to start adjusting.

Optimal Timing Suggestions

The app suggests optimal timing for things like; sleep and wake, light, mealtimes and exercise. All of these suggestions are provided on a daily basis for each day of your adjustment period prior to departure.

Advanced Algorithm

Chronoshift’s algorithm infuses chronobiology and mathematical principles to provide you with the best advice. We’ve spent a lot of time developing the algorithm behind the app and are confident that the advice is the best you can find.


Available on the App Store

Chronoshift is a free download on iOS and Android. Download our App today!


Enjoy your trip!